Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Weekend with the Bun

This entry is dedicated to my beautiful friend Kelly, without whom I would be incomplete.

It sometimes happens with friends and loved ones that you are so soulfully connected you are able to intuitively give to each other exactly what is needed at exactly the right time. This weekend is one of those cases. With a big move from city to calm town in my near future, peaceful time by myself is what Kelly has given me.

After a sweaty session of Bikram yoga in the Mission I made my way up to Nob Hill to find a little white puff looking at me from under the bed. After spending some time talking to this little white puff, letting him know i'll be here for him while his love is away, and then stealing his affection with bits of broken crakers, I was feeling very well recieved. Next stop- the kitchen- where I found a jackpot of girl scout cookies, and then to the magical rooftop. Looking upon the lights of the city with my good friend Mary Jane I found myself filled with a calm feeling of unknowing what's just around the bend for me. It's a feeling I actually really enjoy, having faith, knowing I'm jumping off the cliff with no idea where I'll land, and doing it filled with trust in the greater good. There is no saying goodbye to this city, like a true friend we will remain supportive of each other. The time has come for me to meet my new friend, Berkeley.

A walk to Polk, a cup of coffee and some flan later I found the little white fluff greeting me at my feet. In such a loving mood we cuddled a bit and I practiced my talent of bunny hypnotism. So friendly was this little white fluff, on my trips back and forth, he could be heard hoppping along behind me, my bunny shadow. Even as I settled in to rest he could be seen standing on his hind legs beside the bed bidding me sweet dreams.

What a sweet dream this life truly is.

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